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Assumption Church saved for now

Friday, May 25th, 2007

There have been some new and positive developments regarding the matter of Saving Assumption Church and Parish. Assumption Church will remain open for the next number of years.

In mid April 2007, a letter was obtained from one of the Cold Lake City Councilors and this letter is directly relevant to Assumption School acquiring land to expand their building and sports field. The letter was dated October 16, 2006, has a City of Cold Lake letterhead, was addressed to the Board Chair of the Lakeland Catholic Board of Education, and was titled “Re: Request for Land–Assumption Junior-Senior High School”. The first sentence of the letter states: “At their meeting of April 25, 2005, City Council agreed to transfer the balance of the land behind the south arena together with the former curling rink land for the purpose of future development of Assumption Junior-Senior High School.”

A delegation of four Assumption Church parishioners met with Bishop Luc Bouchard on April 23, 2007, to present new information about land available from the city for school expansion. A copy of the City of Cold Lake letter was left with the bishop.

Meanwhile, a meeting with Bishop Bouchard on May 7, 2007, at St. Dominic Church was announced in the parish bulletin “to discuss the present and future standing of both churches.” At this meeting Bishop Bouchard stated that he received a letter from the Lakeland Catholic School Board dated April 25, 2007. The letter contained this proposal: The Catholic Board will purchase the south part of the Assumption church yard for a ball diamond (leaving the church and a churchyard of reduced size intact), and the running track and sports field would be located on the old rodeo grounds south of the arena. Three maps illustrating the proposal were circulated among the people attending the meeting.

The second subject of the bishop’s presentation related to the future of both Assumption and St. Dominic parishes. He proposed that the pastor organize “a study committee to set up a plan over the next three years for one church in the middle between Cold Lake South and Cold Lake North.” In support of this proposal, the Bishop cited the reduced cost of utilities with one church instead of two, and the costly repairs eventually required on St. Dominic Church. The Bishop indicated that Assumption Church and St. Dominic Church would remain in use until the new church is built, and he referred to the fact that this idea was suggested by the delegation from Assumption Parish who visited him.

Assumption parishioners were pleased to learn that their church is remaining open.

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