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Church to be razed for sports field

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Parishioners were surprised to learn that the Lakeland School District plans to replace Assumption Church with a sports field for Assumption School.

Bishop Luc Bouchard and the school board made presentations to parishioners and answered questions on Monday, February 12. Bishop Luc said that Assumption Parish has sound finances and has a community of parishioners who want to preserve their church. The school district approached the Diocese in 2005 and requested that Assumption School should have rights to buy church land in case Assumption Church happens to close. The goal was to demolish Assumption Church and fill church land with a large running track and sports field for use by students at Assumption School.

Members of the school board refuse to consider alternatives such as purchasing only a portion of church land so that Assumption Church can be saved. It seems as if there has been an ongoing effort behind the scenes to close Assumption Parish so that Assumption School can get a larger sports field.

The Moderator