Other church closings

Assumption Parish remains open so far. It appears that no decision will be made until the new year. Parishioners are getting busy with other things because Christmas is fast approaching.

This is a good time to look back and learn about some other parishes that have closed during the past few years:

St. Francis of Assisi in Edmonton
Manitoba churches closing
Our Lady of Mount Carmel closing
St. Catherine of Siena Parish closing
Closure of Boston Catholic Churches

In some of these stories, the parishes appear to be small compared to the size of Assumption Parish in Cold Lake, so there is some hope that Assumption Church will remain open. These stories show that we should try our best as early as possible to prevent a Catholic church closure from occuring.

To conclude, here is a story with a positive outcome:
Save St. Augustine’s Parish
Let us pray that Assumption Parish will have a similar fate.

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