Why Does the School Need Our Church?

Although some churches in North America have been closed in the past, it is very unusual for a large and active parish to lose their church due to population growth and progress.  That is, the future of Assumption parish is uncertain because of the expansion plans of a neighboring Catholic school.  

As shown by the these maps, Assumption Jr Sr High School in Cold Lake is located to the west of Assumption Church.  The school district has asked the bishop for the church building and the church land so that the school can be expanded.  No explanation has been given as to why they need the church building itself. 

One possibility is that the school plans to use the church building as a large auditorium and office space.  Even though the school district will receive government funding for the expansion, they want to take control of the church building as well.  The wealthy school district is acting without considering the needs of Assumption Parish, a community with volunteers who have worked hard to keep the church grounds and building maintained. 

We believe that the school district could expand the school without purchasing Assumption Church.  A portion of the church land could be sold to provide adequate room for the school to expand.  The church building could continue to serve its religious function without being sold to the School District.  For details about how this is possible, click on this link to view some diagrams. 

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