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It appears that some parishioners are starting to discover this website.  In the past few days, several inquiries have been sent to admin@saveassumptionparish.com.  For example, I received a request for handbills so that more parishioners could find out about the efforts to save our parish.  Did you find this website because you received a handbill that was distributed at Mass on Sunday Nov. 13?  Or did you hear about it by word-of-mouth?

To answer my questions, people are welcome to post comments to this article.  First, you would need to register by providing an email address so that a password can be sent to you.  Then, you just click on the comments link below the news article to leave a reply.

Please keep watching this website for more updates and developments on a regular basis.  This website was created so that parishioners and other concerned individuals would have a means to share information to help save our church.

The Moderator

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